Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding.  Proper maintenance is extremely important and advised. Treat the hair like it is your own hair.  High quality shampoo and conditioner is recommended.  Hair can be washed as often as you like. Hair should be co-washed before installed and deep conditioned at least once a week. Avoid using heavy styling products.

Gently brush and comb hair daily starting from the tips of the hair. Never sleep on wet hair, this will cause your hair to matte.  Just make sure hair is dry and brushed before you go to sleep.  Sleeping in a satin hair bonnet or scarf is beneficial.

Raw/Virgin hair is the highest quality of hair extensions.  This hair is not processed or dyed with chemicals.  Each bundle of hair can vary slightly in texture and color since the bundles can come from different donors.

Wavy and Curly textures need to have a curl defining control cream applied while the hair is wet to control frizz and define curl pattern, if hair is being worn in its natural state.

This hair can be curled, colored, and flat ironed, just like your natural hair.  Please seek a professional colorist when considering dyeing your hair extensions.